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Manage your family’s medical information.

Using MyHealthFolders℠ you can easily manage all of your important medical information. myHealthFolders℠ is not only for you. You can also include all the members of your family. Now it’s easy to keep track of everyone’s doctors, medicines, insurance and medical history in one place.

MyHealthFolders℠ stores your information in three main folders:

Take a tour of the MyHealthFolders℠ site and see how you can manage your family’s important medical information.

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Your Medical Emergency Card provides information when it’s needed most.
Perhaps the most important feature of MyHealthFolders℠ is the Medical Emergency Card. This card, when carried and given to health care professionals, allows access to your emergency information.

Health Care professionals find the information they need in your Emergency Report.
The Emergency Health Report summarizes the most important information you want your health care providers to know.

The future holds more.
MyHealthFolders℠ is fully operational today, but we have plans to add services in the future. These services include upload and storage of legal documents, a reminder service for prescription refills and doctor visits, and current health and wellness information.


24/7 Emergency Access
24/7 emergency access to your health information

Your Medical Emergency Card provides key medical information and your Emergency Health Report can be accessed by health care professionals using the login information on your Emergency Card.

Web Manager Manager
Your secure, web-based health information manager.

Focus on your family’s health and well-being. Organize and manage your family’s health-related information.