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Answers to some common questions.

What is MyHealthFolders℠?
It’s a secure, web-based service you can use to store and organize medical and health-related information. It provides world-wide, 24/7/365 access via the Internet.

Who uses MyHealthFolders℠?
Developed by BJC HealthCare, MyHealthFolders℠ is now available to employers to offer as a free benefit to their employees.

How does MyHealthFolders℠ benefit me?
By filing health-related information for yourself and loved ones in one web-accessible location, it’s easy to give health care professionals access to it. This access can be a convenience in daily life and critical in emergencies.

Who owns MyHealthFolders℠?
MyHealthFolders℠ is a service of BJC HealthCare and is part of its focus on improving the health of those in the communities we serve. It is owned and operated solely by BJC HealthCare.

Is my information safe?
Yes. Your information can only be accessed with your MyHealthFolders℠ ID and Password. Any identifying information is encrypted and stored in a secured database. All information is backed up nightly. Reports tell you every time your account is accessed. Any transmission of your information is done over secure Internet communication technology.

Will my information be kept private?
Absolutely. Your information will not be used for research or marketing. Your information is not for sale. Your information is not accessible by BJC Healthcare, insurance companies or your employer.

What information can I store in MyHealthFolders℠?
MyHealthFolders℠ organizes personal identification, emergency contacts, descriptions of insurance plans, your family’s health history, information on important health-related documents and directives, and information about doctors, allergies, medications, immunizations, past and present medical conditions, surgeries and clinical tests. You may store anything related to your health.

Is my information always accessible?
Your information is accessible 24 hours day, seven days a week, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world. All that’s needed are an Internet connection and your correct MyHealthFolders℠ userID and password.

I’ve lost my Medical Emergency Card. What should I do?
Simply change your emergency password and the lost card will be useless.

Do health care professionals trust the information in MyHealthFolders℠?
The information in MyHealthFolders℠ is yours, and accuracy depends on you. MyHealthFolders℠ does not guarantee accuracy or have any liability if your information is incorrect. In times of a health emergency vital information is important and often doctors have no information to use. This may be the best source they’ll have to help in dispensing proper treatment.

How many people can I include in my account?
Although an employee can have only one account at MyHealthFolders℠, you can have as many other people in your account as you like.

Am I limited to including only family members in my account?
The other people in your account don’t have to be family members per se – we use that term in the broadest sense. You may include friends, partners and elder neighbors – anyone whose health is important to you.

Can I choose what information is on my Emergency Health Report?
By default, all information you enter will be included in the report unless you choose to have it excluded. Most of the data entry pages include the option to exclude information from the Emergency Health Report.

How can I learn more about MyHealthFolders℠?
Find out more by reading the About Us and Features sections of the site and sampling the application using the test login credentials provided here.

Can I test drive MyHealthFolders℠?
We invite you to test drive by taking our virtual tour.

Can caregivers get my Emergency Health Report without using the Internet?
Sometimes Internet access won’t be practical, so MyHealthFolders℠ offers phone access. The phone number is on the Web site and Medical Emergency Card. A MyHealthFolders℠ representative can fax your report directly to your health care professional. (First they qualify individuals to make sure they’re really health care professionals who need your information.)

Are there any plans to charge for MyHealthFolders℠?
Developed by BJC HealthCare, MyHealthFolders℠ is now available to employers to offer as a free benefit to their employees.


24/7 Emergency Access
24/7 emergency access to your health information

Your Medical Emergency Card provides key medical information and your Emergency Health Report can be accessed by health care professionals using the login information on your Emergency Card.

Web Manager Manager
Your secure, web-based health information manager.

Focus on your family’s health and well-being. Organize and manage your family’s health-related information.